Maine Grocers & Food Producers Association Honors the late Paul Landry of Landry’s Shop ‘n Save as the 2022 Impact Award Recipient

AUGUSTA, MAINE – December 30, 2022 – The Maine Grocers & Food Producers Association (MGFPA) is proud to recognize the late Paul Landry, owner of Landry’s Shop ‘n Save in Old Orchard Beach, as the honoree of the MGFPA 2022 Impact Award. Formerly titled the Grocer, Associate, and Food Producer of the Year Awards, this prestigious award is presented annually to a member who exemplifies excellence in the industry. Now exclusively awarded to one winner each year, the winner is chosen by meeting specific criteria including contributions to MGFPA’s advocacy mission, community service, business excellence through providing a positive workplace, increase in overall sales, and supporting the industry via legislative or educational activities. In addition, the annual award winner demonstrates a commitment to cultivating opportunities for other Maine businesses to grow.

Our 2022 Impact Award proudly pays tribute to the deserving Paul Landry, who demonstrated so many of the qualities and characteristics of our award criteria. With sorrow, Paul Landry of Scarborough, Maine passed suddenly in May of 2022. He is known for being a longstanding businessman who cherished his friends, family, and community. He was the owner of Landry’s Shop ‘n Save Supermarket and Landry’s Cascade Plaza, located in Old Orchard Beach. Mr. Landry is remembered for “elevating those around him and always wanting to give others the opportunity for success.” The store and his legacy continue in his beloved community.

In 1989, Paul purchased Landry’s Quick Stop in Greene. He found a passion in the industry and in 2012 he purchased ‘Radley’s store’ and renovated it into what is now known as Landry’s Shop ‘n Save Supermarket. Paul set his sights on expanding the grocery store and doubled its size, he was aware of the summer tourist business but also wanted a year-round grocery store that the locals would want to frequent without having to go out of town to do their shopping. So, in 2016, he embarked on an expansion of the store adding a deli, a prepared foods section, a “beer cave”, and many other features to capture the local-market as well as tourists — all with the goal of keeping customers in the Old Orchard Beach community. “Many of his dreams and ideas succeeded through perseverance and hard work. Through it all, he never lost sight of his family and friends. He was a true people person,” said his lifelong friend, Paul Rousseau.

In the Old Orchard Beach community, both the summer tourists and local residents truly appreciate the grocery store. The store, a Hannaford independent, promotes its quality products, locally owned and operated facility as a place with friendly hometown service and everyday low prices; their tagline is the “friendliest store in town.” The store’s motto rings true to Paul who was always engaging with his customers. He genuinely knew so many of them and never hesitated to stop and ‘check-in.’ His love for his customers and chatty-nature is why his dear friend, Mr. Rousseau, warmly noted that Paul Landry knew “everyone.”

MGFPA Board Member and colleague, Rick Gowell, remembers his friend Paul as having a great sense of humor yet poignantly for the great deal of respect that he earned from his peers. His tenacity paired with a caring personality exemplified excellence and made him a hero within his town and personal circle.

He is fondly remembered by his loving partner, Julie Bayley. Julie happily spoke about Paul’s support for the local students and noted that his kindness will continue via the newly established ‘Paul’s Wall’ at the Old Orchard Beach high school. The wall will ensure that students who are in need can find necessities whether that be soap, a toothbrush, or a hat on a cold winter day.

Mr. Landry never held back when it came to donating — whether that was to his staff, the local food pantry or students. He truly went out of his way to help those in need. Mr. Landry regularly donated gift certificates during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays to families in need. He often also supported Veterans’ charitable causes. Mr. Rousseau’s first memory of Paul is in kindergarten at the playground when the children at recess were playing with tricycles and Paul Landry noticed that there were not enough to go around. He eagerly asked Rousseau to jump onto the back of his tricycle and hold onto his shoulders! That was the start of a lifelong friendship, where Rousseau served as a soundboard for many of Landry’s ideas. You could hear the smile through the phone, when Mr. Rousseau described Paul, noting that there was never a moment that Paul Landry was not working to improve something, remarking that he was a “force of nature.”

The Paul R. Landry Foundation has been established to continue his legacy of kindness and support for his community. Event details are being finalized to fund the organization. For more information or to donate, find the “Paul R Landry Foundation“ on Facebook.

About the Maine Grocers & Food Producers Association:The Maine Grocers & Food Producers Association is a non-profit business trade association composed of independent grocery stores and supermarkets, food and beverage producers and manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors, and associated service businesses. They are dedicated to the prosperity of Maine’s grocery and food producer industry through excellence in advocacy, networking and education.


Photo Credit: Landry’s Shop ‘n Save Facebook Page