MGFPA Urges a No Vote on Question 3

A statement from the Maine Grocers & Food Producers Association opposing Question 3 Constitutional Amendment:

It is imperative to maintain the health and viability of Maine’s food industry by preserving the trust of the consuming public. The Maine Grocers & Food Producers Association Board of Directors opposes Question 3 and instead supports public policy that is well-vetted, purposeful and without unknown, future legal implications.

The proponents of Question 3 have not articulated a strong case for why a Maine Constitutional Amendment is the only pathway forward. Maine has made great strides in state legislation that executes on food infrastructure investment, market expansion, food-safety protocols, and increased access and funding to Maine food. Supporting a No on 3 vote, ensures the continuation of safe food production, retains our state’s quality reputation, and rejects unintended consequences cast upon Maine’s food ecosystem. We urge No on Question 3.