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Stop the $310 million income tax referendum SCAM

MGFPA joined more than 27 business associations, owners, and advocates this morning to launch the Vote NO on Question One campaign. The $310 million income tax referendum scam that over promises and under delivers in Maine.

  • Question One is a TAX SCAM
  • Question One is an ELDER SCAM
  • Question One is a BIG GOVERNMENT SCAM



Question One is a TAX SCAM

  • Largest income tax increase in the history of Maine.
  • Creates a 10.95% per household income tax bracket that would make Maine have the highest tax rate in the country.
  • Hits Maine’s self-employed and small business owners especially hard and makes it more difficult for small, family-owned businesses to survive.

Question One is an ELDER SCAM

  • Elder and disabled Mainers will be forced to turn over their private health information, including home addresses and contact information, to an unlimited number of private groups.
  • Requires no income limit or minimum residency requirements for recipients of the benefits. This means even millionaires and out of staters would receive free services.
  • Over promises on what it can deliver to Maine’s most vulnerable; the elderly and disabled will be put on waitlists for services in addition to these already on waitlists for these services.


  • Creates a shadow-government board with no direct accountability to the taxpayers
  • of Maine.
  • Violates the Maine Constitution, the U.S. Constitution and federal privacy laws.
  • A virtually identical scheme in Illinois has already been ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court, making the proposal a waste of taxpayer dollars.
  • Require EVERY independent home health care worker – even family members providing homecare – to be represented by a State Employee Union and pay mandatory service fees from that Union.

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