US House Rejects Farm Bill

The full House rejected the Agriculture and Nutrition Act of 2018 (H.R. 2) with a vote of 198-213; 30 Republicans voted “No” today.  The motion will be reconsidered for a re-vote. We anticipate the House to vote on the farm bill again soon. No timing of the re-vote is yet known, and the House has finished voting for the week.

Our national counterparts have worked diligently to ensure language was included in the bill that protects food retailers from fees charged on SNAP transactions, worked to prevent both retailer and customer personally-identifying data from being shared, and so that the use of mobile technology innovation in relation to SNAP is included.

They’ve also worked to prevent amendments looking to strip language on fees and non-disclosure of information and defeat efforts to turn SNAP into WIC, prevent categories of beverages from being purchased under SNAP and prevent another food surveillance pilot.

Courtesy of FMI